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African American entrepreneurs Harold and Hilda Pierce founded Harold's Chicken Shack in 1950 with their first small restaurant located on 39th Street in Chicago Illinois.  

With over 66 years of successful operation, Harold's Chicken has experienced significant growth and expansion throughout the Chicago area, establishing numerous locations in Illinois and beyond. In addition to its presence in Chicago, Harold's Chicken has opened franchises in Northwest Indiana, Detroit, Iowa, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Madison (WI), and Dallas.


Harold Pierce

In June 2012, the Harold's brand extended its reach to the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, introducing "Harold's Chicken & Ice Bar." This location marked a significant transition for the franchise, departing from the traditional and informal "Harold's Chicken Shack" model, which primarily focused on takeout orders, and adopting a more conventional sit-down sports bar atmosphere, complete with a full bar.

The tremendous success of Harold's Chicken & Ice Bar in Atlanta has paved the way for the establishment of similar locations in the city of Chicago, known as Harold's Bar & Grill. Furthermore, this success has also extended to the opening of a flagship location on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California.

Despite its expansion beyond its birthplace, Harold's Chicken has remained committed to upholding its rich 60-year tradition of serving delicious, Chicago-style chicken and fish dinners. These meals are renowned for being generously coated in Harold's signature mild and hot sauces, which have become a hallmark of the brand.


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